Trish Gibson


B.A., Administration of Justice from Pennsylvania State University in 1989

University of Miami School of Law. 1995

J.D., Widener University Law School, 1995


Trish D. Gibson is an experienced criminal trial attorney who has been practicing Criminal Defense for 23 years. She has defended 1000’s of criminal cases and tried 100’s of cases, ranging from Homicide cases, major Felonies to misdemeanor cases. In addition, Trish represents juveniles both in adult and Juvenile Court. She has represented both residents and visitors of the Keys. She has litigated Motions to Suppress, Motions to Dismiss and other constitutional motions in front of trial Judges.

Professional Affiliations

Death Penalty Steering Committee 2001-2017

Juvenile Justice Advisory Board 2014-2017

Professional Panel of Monroe County 2012-present

Pro Bono Committee of Monroe County 2014-present

Substance Abuse Advisory Committee 2014-2017

Juvenile Life without Parole Committee 2014-2017

Monroe County Bar Association Past President (1998 and 2016)

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorney 1998-present

Law Professor at St Leo’s University 2000-2015

Trish Gibson leaning against a chair.